2017 Professional Development Sessions

Sensory-Friendly Performances
The Wharton Center is looking to provide Sensory Friendly Performances as an ongoing series of events. They will be launching this initiative in the 2017-2018 season. Learn more about the rationale for these performances, the general needs of this audience and the process Wharton Center is going through to provide this service. The session will include discussion time – if you are already presenting Sensory Friendly Performances, please come ready to share your best practices! We will need to support each other as our industry moves toward welcoming and accommodating this important segment of our audience.
Diane Willcox, Director of Marketing & Communications, The Wharton Center


Welcome to the Deal
Take a peek inside the world of a touring artist. How are fees determined? What considerations are made in order to pull a tour together? What’s the best approach to negotiation and decision-making when you’re putting a season together? How does supply and demand affect the entire ecosystem of touring?
Marc Baylin, President, Baylin Artist Management


Trends in Grant Making
The philanthropy world changes just as quickly as other industries, affected by new technologies, emerging challenges, and changing priorities in a fluctuating world. Learn how these trends affect how grants are distributed and how arts organizations should seek out, think about, and apply for grants today and tomorrow.
Matthew Downey, Program Director of Nonprofit Services, Johnson Center on Philanthropy


Donor Growth and Retention: Come in and stay for a while!
Let’s talk about how you communicate your non-profit message, welcome new supporters, and build on the strong relationships you have with those who already love you.
Kristen Calabrese, Associate Director of Development, The Wharton Center


Work/Life Balance for Arts Administrators
All arts administrators are BUSY- so busy we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. Join our panelists for a large group discussion on how to achieve a better work/life balance in a field that requires to us to give more of our time, energy, and passion than we sometimes have to give.
Terri Trotter, President and CEO, Midland Center for the Arts

Mary Muncil Jennings, Director, Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts
William Wood, Director of Cultural Affairs and Community Engagement, Macomb Community College

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