2018 Professional Development Sessions

Keynote: No Sound Barriers: Transforming Lives Through the Power of Diversity in the Arts

Afa Dworkin speaks about about the work of Sphinx as an institution, a community catalyst, a partner and the history behind the lack of diversity, challenges and recent advancements in our field.
Afa Dworkin, President & Artistic Director of the Sphinx Organization

Market Smarter, Not Harder: Using Your Own Data for Marketing Success

Are you still mailing the same postcard to your entire list? Do you send the same sales email to all of your prospects? Not every patron will respond in the same way to your marketing message. The key to a successful marketing campaign is using data to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

This session will show you how to mine your patron data for predispositions and propensities in order to target your potential buyers with communications targeted and relevant to each individual recipient. You will learn how to segment your digital and traditional communications (yes, including direct mail!) to strategically attract and retain audiences. This session is relevant to marketers of all levels at organizations of all budget sizes and focuses on free and low-cost resources.

In this session you will:
-See how data can be used to determine interests and propensity to buy
-Learn how segmentation can lower costs and maximize results
-Discover how you can use messaging variations to engage each segment
-Set up strategic communications to allow your patrons to self-select their interests
Ceci Dadisman, President of Cardinal + Company


Venue Safety and Security- Crisis Management and Practical Solutions
This session will explain the Critical Incident Management program which defines practical responses to
violence, lockdowns, bomb threat reactions and shelter-in- place for chemical incidents. Additional responses such as enhanced roles for school and business response, large event security, as well as coordinated training for responders will be introduced. These practical procedures can be easily implemented and used immediately.
Thomas Mynsberge, Founder of Critical Incident Management


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion- What does that Mean for Arts Presenters?
artEquity-trained facilitator and Chicago-based theater artist Amanda Delheimer will lead a two-hour intensive session on the topic of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Using tools, activities, and discussion, participants will delve into vocabulary, what diversity looks like in their communities, and how to start and keep the conversation going with their staffs and constituents at home.
Amanda Delheimer, Artistic Director, 2nd Story

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