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Michigan Presenters Member Benefits

One annual membership (April 1-March 31 annually) offers your organization and all of your staff, board members, and active volunteers:


to members, their affiliations, expertise and insights into the presentation of performing arts, locally, regionally and nationally. Join statewide industry discussions on the issues that concern us most.

Events and Networking

The connections made through Michigan Presenters are come of the most valuable to our members. We meet virtually/in-person several times a year, and our annual conference is traditionally held over the summer at a member organization venue.

Professional Development

Meetings, presentations, affinity groups, and demonstrations focused on topics determined by the members — marketing & sales, producing, education & outreach, fundraising/sponsorship, ticketing, technology, and more; speakers and presenters from member and non-member organizations are often invited to speak to the membership on industry topics.


Representation of members’ organizations in various efforts such as participation in planning conferences (ie. Midwest Arts Expo and Association of Performing Arts Professional Annual Conference) and representation of the performing arts industry needs via the Cultural Advocacy Network


By building relationships, we can work together to bring special artists to your venue.

Voting Rights

Be part of deciding the future of Michigan Presenters Network! Each non-profit and for-profit presenting organization acts as one voting member. Agents, managers, artists, and other arts professionals may retain non-voting associate status. 


Not a member yet? Join now!

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