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Michigan Presenters is excited to announce it’s inaugural Michigan Presenters Mentorship Program! Designed to create cross-generational mentorship, networking, and peer support, we are seeking applicants for this program that are passionate about sharing knowledge, asking questions, learning from others, and creating connections.

Program Goals

  • Facilitate genuine cross-generational connection and mentorship

  • Professional development and knowledge transfer specific to the performing arts presenting field

  • Networking and peer support; support for new and emerging talent, as well as long-serving professionals



July 1, 2022                                  Applications open

July 29, 2022                                Applications due

August 5, 2022                            Matches Confirmed

August 2022 – March 2023        Mentorship Program Period

August 2022                                Full Cohort Kick-off

Monthly                                       Individual Mentorship Team Zoom   

March 2023                                 Full Cohort Wrap-up



  • Three-person Mentorship Teams with one experienced professional, one mid-career, and one new to the field

  • Full 2022-23 Cohort to meet at least twice, at minimum for the program’s kick-off and conclusion. Additional Cohort gatherings may occur as part of conferences and/or regional meet ups.

  • Individual Mentorship Teams to meet via Zoom monthly over the 8-month program period

  • Team matches will be made based on goals expressed for the program by each applicant, professional goals, experience, and personality

  • One Michigan Presenters board member will check in with team members throughout the 8-month program period for feedback and support


Participant Expectations

  • Employed by an organization that is a member of the Michigan Presenters Network

  • Attend Cohort kick-off and wrap-up sessions

  • Participation in 90% of monthly Membership Team meetings

  • Participation in a majority of MPN Member meetings, regional meet ups, conferences, and other membership-wide initiatives

  • Participate in program evaluation

Michigan Presenters

Applications now open
Applications due July 29

Apply here

PDF of program information

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